Take Action, Fight for Tenants Rights in B.C

B.C's laws are stacked against tenants. The RTA is full of loopholes and unnecessary hurdles that make it hard for even the most organized tenants to stand up against shady landlords -- even when the landlords clearly break the law.

We want more than a few of the worst loopholes fixed, we want the RTA amended in a way that will put tenants on an equal footing with landlords.

We want to see the RTA fixed to include:

  • Every tenant facing eviction should have a right to a hearing. Unlike many other cities in the U.S and Canada tenants in B.C have to 'opt-in' to dispute resolution. It should be the other way around so unlawfully evicted tenants do not forfeit their rights on a technicality.
  • Tenants should have a right to first refusal when evicted for renovations or as a result of a fixed term lease, and landlords should have to pay a relocation fee for all no-fault evictions set to a citywide average of first and last months rent plus a security deposit.
  • Increase the penalties for landlords who break the law.
  • Follow Ontario's lead and put security deposits in trust with the RTA to make sure all landlords play by the rules.

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