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A brand new website helping renters in Vancouver, B.C. With Tenants Talk you can share your experiences with renting in Vancouver, view a map of tenancy issues, use our tenant robot lawyer to learn more about your rights as a renter, find an advocate, and get involved in the political fight to improve renters rights in the province.

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Tenant Robot Lawyer

The Tenant Robot Lawyer is a simple interactive tool that helps tenants understand their rights as renters in B.C. It is a helpful first step for tenants who think their rights have been violated and can help you stay organized and aware of your next steps.

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Tenancy Issues Map

This map is a registry of tenant complaints about poor or unlawful treatment. Anyone is free to post to this page, so take everything posted here with a grain of salt. You can use the maps search and filter interfaces to see if anyone near you has had an issue.

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Stand Up, Fight Back

Tenants in B.C have it rough -- and loopholes in the RTA are just the tip of the iceberg. Like a leaky bucket, fixing one or two loopholes wont make a difference in a system tilted in favor of landlords. Tenants in B.C should have the same protections that tenants across North America enjoy.

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